I have BEeN 'Whishawed!'

Am in utter rapture in this state that I am in !
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Oct 1


Henry VII and Elizabeth of York with their children, details (Edmund and Katherine are missing in the photoset but are in the full picture)

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Song of the Day:

Pete Molinari feat. Dan Auerbach - So Long Gone


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Sep 30



Husky dog performs her overly dramatic death trick.

I’ve wasted fifteen minutes of my life watching this 8 second long video. 

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the autumnal colour spectrum

(photos by rob herr, richard shilling, ryan connors, evie jaye, mr. dale)

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Julien Douvier: Animated gifs


Artist onTumblr | Facebook | on Behance

Based in France, photographer Julien Douvier offers us here a magnificent series of animated GIF, where he focused on a specific item. This element, such as a person, a drop or a bird will be moving in a completely static environment. A poetic vision that make us understand how these little details are beautiful to contemplate.

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Something awesome, surreal and possibly even a little bit magical is happening on a quiet street in the Toxteth district of Liverpool, England. Every night, when the clock strikes 10:00pm, the sliding storefront shutter on a derelict building opens to reveal a radiant blue tank of water filled with live, luminous jellyfish silently swimming around the space.

This dreamlike scene is a site-specific art installation created by artistic duo Walter Hugo & Zoniel for the Liverpool Biennial. Entitled The Physical Possibility of Inspiring Imagination in the Mind of Someone Living, the piece was not promoted in advance in any way. Instead it simply started happening and will continue making its punctual 10pm appearance until July 27, 2014.

If you can’t make it to Liverpool before the end of the month, you can click here to watch some video footage of the installation, which was shared by Neal Bryant.

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